Roaming Photographer

A photographer will take candid shots during your event, capturing the speeches,the dance floor, the raffle winners and the buffet line  you will receive all of the digital images on a flash drive and your guest will have access to the photos  on your own online gallery. They will be able to download the photos for free.

 $ 250 / hr  2-hours min. (photos & online hosting).

Trade Shows+Special Events+Award Ceremonies+Corporate anniversaries+Company Picnics+Holiday parties+Charity Events+PR campaigns+Corporate meetings+Vendors relations+weddings+Bar Mitzvah+Bat Mitzvah+Corporate Events

booking open air photo booth, printing on site,photo booth

Adds on Options

 Red Carpet & Chrome Stands w/Red         Velvet Ropes  $ 200

 Extra hour  $ 125.00

 Scrapbook and supplies$ 50.00

 Unlimited Prints  Everyone in the booth  gets a print $ 25/hr

 Prop Box $ 50

 Double Print 4x6  $ 40/hr.


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1 Hour  Open Air Photo Booth  $ 200

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